Addon Domain-One Advantage,Disadvantage,Solution

Hi friends , in this article we are going to see Addon Domain-One Advantage,Disadvantage,Solution.

Important Note: Any Topic Comes with Lot of Pros , Cons and Solutions& For This Topic We are Sharing Only One Pros,Cons,Solutions Which Are Related to Each Other.

Advantage of Using Addon Domain:

With help of add-on domain. We can create multiple websites in a Single hosting plan .

DisAdvantage of Using Addon Domain:

While creating Addon domain C panel will create a subdomain automatically.

If we delete subdomain, C panel will ask to delete, Addondomain first.

And when we go to that sub domain, it will also load the website files of Addon Domain.

Sometimes it will affect website reputation because Google may consider it as duplicate content.

Solution to Addon Domain for above issue:

Click redirect .

In type dropdown, menu choose permanent 301 in next drop down menu, choose the sub domain of Addondomain in redirect to field enter Addon Domain

That’s all friends.Thank you.

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