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Content ideas optimization | onpage seo checker | semrush tutorial

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Now we are going to see Content Ideas.

In optimization ideas under the topic on page SEO checker.Click the drop down all ideas and choose Content. Now I am going to one of the landing pages to see the content ideas suggested by semrush.

Content ideas gives suggestions how to use keywords and also it suggest some related keywords in the content by considering various html tags. And here it recommends to use these keywords less. ok let we see the detailed analytics of content idea. it is called as keyword usage here. And it consists of keyword phrase usage, word usage, tf-idf and keyword occurrences.

Here,We have to understand one point.

If you see anything.

Red in colour means that keyword was used too much and we have to reduce that usage of keywords in our pages. Keyword phrase usage, where phrase is a group of words.Keyword phrase usage is the detailed analytics of content ideas which shows how much percentage that my page used keywords in specific elements. And also How much average percentage top ranking competitor pages used keywords in specific elements. If a Keyword shows zero percentage in top ranking competitor’s page then it may be due to two reasons.

One reason is they have not used the keyword. Another reason is top ranking competitors page not allowed semrush bot to crawl . We can see the crawling details in serp of each page. For example in this keyboard they have not used or they have no keyword in their pages. And in this website we have given no access to the semrush bot.

In the table in my column if you value shows in red in colour I haveused that keyword too much and I should minimise the usage of the keyword in the page.

In word usage table it will show list of words and its percentage of usage.

The word column is the list of words which appeared with targeted keywords.

TF-IDF means Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency. It is a SEO technique which helps to know importance of a word in a document. Here in semrush content ideas tf-idf value was provided in table for keywords.In the first column tf-idf value was given for my page. in the second column if average value was given for the top ranking competitor’s page.In third column tf-idf maximum value was given in a top ranking competitor page.

In my TF idf column suppose if anything is red color means I have used the keyword too much and I should keyword less.

Keyword occurrences helps to know how many times I have used a Keyword in my page. it also listed the average number of keywords used in the top ranking competitor page.