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Hi friends in this article we are going to see Content Marketing Toolkit Semrush 2020.

Now newbies will ask What is Content Marketing?

I want to answer this question in short sentence. Content Marketing is telling a story in great way.

Consider Interstellar film (now you are thinking , why he is talking about film🤔).Hey don’t worry! I am just telling an example.

Eventhough it is a science fiction film , director Christopher Nolan made us to feel that we are landing to 5th dimension .

The Camera angle was showing his feet and dropping to 5th dimension.

If i really fall like that one i will get view what is made on interstellar. Don’t you?

That’s why i am telling Content Marketing is telling a story in great way. And so people gets more attention to products. More attention means , one of the possibility to get more sales.

OK,Ok I can hear you are saying come to the topic. Let’s Go..

According to Oxford University Press,

Content Marketing is,

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. ‘social media is an integral part of content marketing’

But for Content Marketers, To create engaging/great content it needs more time and money. Because there will be more competition.

Anyone can create content. The problem is people when looking more & useless content , It is definitely impacting great content also.

Now, Content Marketers have to plan a strategy for their content work. And here Comes the SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit.

About SEMRush:

SEMrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Our tools and reports are able to help marketers that work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

And here we are going to look SEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit

Content marketing tool kit has,

  1. Topic research.
  2. SEO Content Template
  3. SEO Writing Assistant
  4. Brand Monitoring
  5. Post Tracking
  6. Content Audit.

Let we see how to do Topic Research in Semrush.

Topic Research

Go to topic research in Semrush.

topic research content marketing toolkit Semrush

We can do topic research in two methods based on location such as country,region,city and language.

One method of Topic Research by just entering the keyword in search field.


Second method of doing Topic Research is we have to enter a Keyword and a Domain.


And in the second method sometimes we will get green color cards.


These cards indicating for that keywords, the domain is ranking in top Hundreds!.


Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Now ,I am entering just keyword Google Analytics and selected the country United states.


Now Semrush will find most relevant subtopics for the entered keyword and the content ideas will be displayed 4 formats.

  1. Cards
  2. Explorer
  3. Overview
  4. Mindmap

We will see favourite ideas while explaining cards.

In Cards format, Toggle ON trending subtopics which will display trending subtopics first with fire icon.

Trending subtopics are popular subtopics for the last 60 days in Internet.


Here in This topic fortunately I got two trending subtopics


We can see topics based on Volume, Difficulty and topic efficiency.


Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


High topic efficiency means it is good topic and we can target with this topic for our websites.


And we can export the topic research details in xlsx formats which includes Topic,Subtopic,Search Volume,Difficulty,Topic Efficiency,Content idea type,Content idea backlinks count,Content idea URL and Domain.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


In a card when we click show more option we will get more headlines questions and related searches for that topic.


After selecting headlines based on our needs we can put them in a list using favorite content ideas option using add icon.


Resonance means quality and here Resonance mentioned in bullhorn icon.

High Resonance means high quality with green bullhorn icon.

Normal Resonance comes with blue icon.

Medium Resonance shows with light Blue icon.

Low Resonance will show with grey bullhorn icon.


In card format we can also get more ideas for the selected subtopic.


Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

We can send the task to trello.

We can schedule content task in Semrush Owned Marketing Calender Tool.

We can create SEO Template. And it will give SEO recommendation for the subtopics.

Based on this we can create  good content and  we can also check out our written content in Real Time Content check.

In Explorer data view the details are arranged in column which includes subtopic content idea,Facebook engagement backlinks and total shares.


In Overview option , the data will look like summary of content idea which includes cards and explorer.


Here We will get headlines by backlinks. and it will show interesting question.

Since it is a overview option, it will also display top subtopics in card format.Related searches also available here.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Mind map is showing data in visual form.

The trending subtopic will be shown in red colour it also includes headlights and questions.


After finding a good keyword in topic research next we have to go SEO content template.

You can also check below video for Topic Research.

SEO Content Template


SEO Content Template helps to create SEO friendly content for your targeted keyword.


In SEO content template Enter the keyword which you found from Topic Research and also be sure to select a location. I have entered a Keyword and the location is United States.


Now Semrush SEO content template will find and show Google’s top 10 ranking pages for the entered keyword and also gives the SEO recommendations.


It will show the top 10 site links.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

In the next section from the top 10 pages semrush SEO content template suggests related keywords and recommends where to get backlinks, shows readability score of the 10 pages and also recommends how much total words we have to write.


In the next section Semrush SEO content template displays how the top 10 pages used keywords in their article with occurrences.

Occurrences means how many times the targeted keyword was written in the article.


And in the next section Semrush SEO content template gives the basic Recommendation of how to write page title and description H1 and text.


We can export these seo recommendations in docx format.


Also check video for SEO Content Template

After getting Seo recommendations from SEO content template next we have to go SEO Writing Assistant.

SEO Writing Assistant

Seo Writing Assistant helps to optimize your content and so it will boost visitors for your content from search engines. Also it helps to increase readers engagement.Now go to Seo writing assistant in content marketing Toolkit.


Click Get recommendations


Here it has a simple text editor on the left side which is like wordpress visual mode editor and called here as Quick Cheker. If you want SEO assist for your content within SEMrush you can use this option.


In the right side it has SEO content checker which is the main feature in SEO writing assistant.


Seo Writing Assistant is available as Addon for Google documents and WordPress.


Now in Quick Cheker write your content based on keyword found from topic research or paste your prepared content.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

And Seo Writing Assistant now start to give suggestions for your content.

In the right side enter the keyword which you found from Topic Research and mention the location which you want to target with.


Click Get recommendations.

I prepared a content & pasted in Quick Checker.

Now it got score 6.4 out of 10.

Next when I set  H1 headline now the score increased and it got score 7.6 out of 10.


SEO Checker giving scores based on

  1. Readability
  2. SEO
  3. Tone of voice and
  4. Originality.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Let we see one by one,

First is Readability,

While using SEO Checker in Seo Writing Assistant , it gives recommended text length based on top 10 pages of targeted keyword. It was also mentioned SEO Content Template.

Now the text length will be compared with your written content.

So be sure you have returned more than the recommended text length.

And also it checks whether we have written headline for the content.


Next is SEO

In SEO content template it suggest related keywords for the entered/given keyword. We can also change the targeted keyword according to our wish.

And also it recommends to add links, images and titles.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


Tone of voice helps to find out how much your written words in the content communicating with the audience.

Tone of voice detects formal and casual sentences in your content.

We can set or change tone of voice using the slider

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


Next is originality.

Here it Checks whether you have created content just by copying other sites.

While creating tutorial content some words look like we have copied because the targeted keyword was already written by other websites. So to avoid this you have to consider some things in writing like conversational sentences, hooks and so on.


Next is Brand Monitoring.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Brand Monitoring

With the help of Brand monitoring we can track online mentions of a keyword.


Give keyword and enter domain to track brand mentions.


And it will load like below image. As another sample, i have given Tee keyword and selected country united states. Click Start Tracking.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

Actually if we create a project for a domain name it will be easier to do Brand monitoring. Not Compulsory but an another facility. The below brand mention is one campaign for domain. Like this based on plans we can create more campaigns.


Like this based on plans we can create more campaigns for various keywords to track brand mentions in a domain name .


Brand mentions not only available for web . Because it is also available for forums,twitter,instagram


We can also track a domain (or) block a domain based on our needs.


And it will be available in the brand monitoring resource page.


Next we can find the estimated reach of domain for the mention.


Using text analysis SEMrush made sentiment algorithm in various types like positive, negative, neutral. We can also change sentiment algorithm manually

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


Next is Post Tracking.

Post Tracking


In Post Tracking, we have to enter url of post & it will show how the article is performing in the search engines. Post Tracking calculates performance based on keyword rankings, backlinks and social shares.

Actually Post Tracking is one part of Content Analyser. Content Analyser comes with Content Audit and Post Tracking.

So only i said earlier , if you have bought a plan, you can create a project for a domain and it will be easier to track post.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


Ok After clicking Start tracking button it will go to post tracking dashboard.


We can also connect Google Analytics account to view the Referrel traffic.


Sometimes Semrush suggests to track some other keywords also.


Next is Content Audit.

Content Audit


As i said earlier Content Analyser comes with Content Audit and Post Tracking. The content audit is used to audit the subfolders. And for this purpose Semrush finds & display sitemap of our site. From that we can select required folder and we can start to audit. We can also change that sitemap list. Kindly check out below image.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush


We can also attach .txt,xml,csv less than 100 mb in content audit.

Content audit dashboard will load now. The below image is showing the part of Table.


We can also connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

We can click particular post and can analyze more.


Here we can rewrite, delete the paragraph.

We can set the post as in progress, analyzed or not analyzed.


Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

The Content Sets comes with 3 columns Rewrite, Update, Quick Review, Poor Content.


Click gear icon & set your requirements .


I have written a simple content based on content marketing toolkit & my targeted keyword got 70+ impressions which is nice. And it got some other keyword rankings from that content. I have not worked for backlinks for that content still it is managed to get average of 55 position in many countries which is nice.

Get Content Marketing Toolkit SEMrush

That’s all friends about Content Marketing Toolkit Semrush 2020

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