Login to your blogger account.

Go to your blog which you want to setup custom domain from namecheap. After that click settings

In Settings page scroll down and go to publishing.

Click Custom domain.

Enter your domain name purchased from namecheap

Be sure to include www. before your domain

Add www. before your domain

Click Save button.

Now Blogger wants to verify your domain and it will give 2 CNAME records.

We have to enter to these 2 CNAME records in namecheap account which has our domain.

Now goto your Namecheap account.

Select domain which you want to connect with blogger.

Go to advanced DNS.

Now Click Add New Record

And choose CNAME.

Let we copy the first CNAME record. Name:www and Destination:ghs.google.com

Name is www . destination is ghs. google.com.

In namecheap Cname record enter www in host field enter ghs.google.com in value field.

Similarly do it for second Cname record

Now return to blogger settings.Click Save button.For us it took less than one minute to save settings. in general it will take 24 to 48 hours to set domain in blogger.

Next we are going to view the blog.

Https is not yet set for custom domain.

So,Return to blog settings. Enable https availability.

Wait for some minutes and reload the blogger. Check https redirect was also enabled automatically.

For us it took 5 minutes.

Next we are going to redirect our naked domain musicnotationsoftware.online to www.musicnotationsoftware.online

Though,It is optional we recommend to do it because sometimes it is also considered in Search Engine Optimisation.

Add new record and choose A record.

In host field enter @ and in IP address field enter first Google IP address. procedure is same for other three Google IPs

Return to blogger settings.

Enable redirect domain which will redirect musicnotationsoftware.online to www.musicnotationsoftware.online

And we can see, now blog is redirecting successfully.

That’s all friends. Thank you.