Let we go 7 years back . I maintained a blog at that time but I have not made any online earnings (i.e) not even one time as cash from online. Ofcourse I made some online earnings but due to threshold limitations I have not received any online money as cash. Oneday  while browsing the internet I made a query  like this, is there any sites to give blog’s value(i.e) in terms of money and also checked is there a chance to sell websites and blogs. At that time only I got the term “website flipping” but my blog have no worth.

Once again I searched in internet is there any sites to check “domain name worth” . Finally I found some sites. And I observed that my domain name have some value(not big value) but it is a little bit more than my blog value.

So I decided to buy a domain(related to credit card) after analyzed some appraisal sites and contacted some domain related sites and persons. First is one the top domain blogger where he told that it is $0 value. Now I am little bit confused but I admired his point because he always tell in his site that we will not valuate domains and it’s a blog(at that time he can simply say “we are not valuating domains”) still in that situation if he mentioned $0 value means there is something important point behind that.

Then again searched and studied through internet seriously. With the help of internet resources I took some top sold domains and placed in adwords and found that it has high searches(per month basis) and high competition and also some of them have high advertising bid. I calculated myself, I searched based on the above thing .I found that most of the .com domains were taken or it was for sale as premium domains. Some of the domain brokerage sites like sedo mentioned .com have the high chance of sale next is .net extension and after that only other domain extensions.So always I looked for .com domains.

One day I thought why we should not try to search for stock and share companies. Again searched through internet at that time I have seen the site berkshaire hathaway warren buffet’s site (forgive me I don’t know about warren buffet is one of the top richest man in the world at that time !!! ) .

Berkshaire hathaway site looks very simple which you can’t believe still in some site/blog’s articles the site  comes under the ugliest site of the rich persons.

And in that site I see most of them are pdf documents. I opened them in chrome browser and I tried to read all things. And I got two names that was highlighted and my mind told me to buy these domain names. Now i put that names in adwords and found  they were also not worth but again my mind wants to convey something,  ofcourse alerted me I should not miss these  domain names. So I checked a little bit history , google trends and now I got another two names which my mind says these names are worth. I have founded  in that two names , one name was already for sale and so I took the other name(I don’t know I am going to sell this domain at that time).With this domain name as I said above I took the domain names where found the words in Berkshaire hathaway site and also some other domains.

At that time godaddy offered first year price low ofcourse a trick to attract the customers. And so, I also bought domains at godaddy. Then I parked some domains, submitted my domains to domain sale sites such as sedo, flippa and more , sometimes I have created  blogs  on these domains. I contacted domain brokers through mail frequently. Some are big persons in domain flipping. I joined domain forums especially namepros which I got  most useful answers from them and helped me more how to effectively search names in adwords.

Years passed then in second year I struggled more to renew domains but I successfully paid . I thought I have to do something then I put some ratecutter for international calls  then I called each united states and other countries stock exchange companies. But it didn’t worked well for me .Then at january I got offer for $34 and I successfully transferred domain after received money from paypal. I am responsible to pay flippa commission and finally I paid to them .

Profits and expenses in domain sale

Let’s check expenses and my profit for sold domain name


2 year domain payment –Rs.~800

flippa commission –Rs.~200

other works(ex: phone talk,internet)-Rs.100.

Total: rs.1100

I received cash after paypal fee taxes Rs.1915

So, 1915 – 1100=815

Minimum Rs. 800 profit

Sold domain at flippa “just sold” page.

just sold

Must needed things for domain sale business

A  Paypal account and it should be linked to atleast one of your bank account.

A credit card or atm card like visa,master card to pay flippa commission. ICICI bank atm card helped me to pay flippa commission because I don’t have credit card or [ paypal (we can receive money but sending money is somewhat difficult at that time)] .

At flippa I got free credits $99 .For basic listing the charge is $9.They took amount from free credits for my domain submissions. So you should be aware is there any fee to list the domain in domain flipping sites.

Tips to enter into domain sale

First you should be interest to learn about domain sale and need to learn some basics about domain

Then try adwords and learn how to get good domain names .

The approach should be good to buyer even domain have not a chance to sale.

Try to send mails to domain brokerage sites or domain brokers but don’t spam.

Register to domain sale forums like namepros.

Based on my experience in 2013,For domains the name should be high searches , high competition and high advertising bid in adwords. There is no wrong in taking domain names by considering above things and also note that while writing blog posts only you have check medium searches and medium competition keywords because you can’t compete with big sites.

It is good to check dictionary words but all are already taken in .com .May be some dictionary words with continuous tense will be available.

Keep an eye on number “8” .The lucky number of chinese and bought at huge price so make some research on this number to take good domain name.

Some of them buy domain for $500 means after some years they try to sale for $800-$900 and many of them doing this. So if you have the skill to do this you can get profit for some $xxx.

One of the top domain blogger tried to sell only domain and it was asked for $xx. It means if you have good blog with unique name means then chance of sale is less or you should contact right persons for making good amount .

Check the article how to transfer domain your godaddy to another godaddy account holder. This article encouraged me to transfer domain on my own.

When you finish the domain transfer you will get 3 to 5 mails and final mail will be “domain transferred”. Then you should tell or ask buyer whether the domain was transferred or not.

Which payment method to receive money is better in domain sale?

Ok if one of your domain got offer for sale in domain sale site means first you have to check the offer price and next is the payment method.

Choose escrow service only if the offer is atleast $xxx,xxx.For better understanding i got domain offer $34 and if i have chosen escrow service i will get only $5.Yes charge will be $28 because of direct money transfer to bank account fees and it is more charge. So i have chosen paypal method. Here also you should be aware that i am only responsible to transfer domain to buyer , nobody will help you. And i recommend to have a smooth conversation with buyer  nd try to change your domain account to buyer account in the same domain/hosting company. Learn it from net if you have doubts and also have some contact with the domain holding company. So it will not cost nothing and also safe. Only one thing from escrow is “safety” which helps to transfer domain to buyer and sends money to seller .For big offers don’t take risk use escrow service.

You can see the money received through paypal.


Useful sites to check domain value

Note: Appraisal sites are just an estimation to domains. It doesn’t guarantee the domains will be sold or can be sold in mentioned  price from appraisal sites. Also note that sometimes appraisal site shows very less price, it doesn’t mean domains can be sold at that amount only. Appraisal sites will give data which helps us to analyze and study more about domain values.

Estibot,(its another site “valuate” . Valuate now redirecting to https://www.mediaoptions.com/domain-appraisal)

Doamin Mongrel (Expired/Outdated)

Instica (Expired/Outdated)

Domain exchange (Not Available in 2020)

Noktadomains (Outdated)

Name pros put your domain in forum and ask the worth

Godaddy appraisal (You can check your domain value within godaddy dashboard ,hope you understand if you have  domain in godaddy you can check its value within the dashboard.)

Useful sites to Flip and Park domains


Afternic (Acquired by Godaddy)



Igloo (Acquired by BrandIT)


Heritage Auctions

Domain holdings






Domain Parking is displaying ads in a domain .When a user clicks the ads you will get some income.

Some of them are,




Also check Rob Sequin one of top domain broker.

Useful domain sale related blogs you should not miss

Domain sherpa




DOMAININVESTING(Past as Elliots blog)

Domain shane and more

How can you take the domain sale in positive sie?

Definitely it’s a money saving method like above Rs.800

Ok we consider you sold domain at a profit rs.800 but you feel it is less. Don’t worry still you can make some bucks because you have sold a domain online !!! .You can contact your surrounding areas ,schools or colleges about regarding the needs of opening a paypal account and you can charge some price for creating and linking paypal account to bank. If you try this method  for more individuals you can create a lot of earning (i.e) more than domain sold.

Also you can contact computercoaching institutes and make a class on domains and domain selling.

Next, the main things is nowadays you know the importance of buying a flat or land .Now most of us are using internet so it’s a good thing to buy a good name .We can say it’s a online real estate.

My experience with new TLDS

These are all from my own experience and explained here just as it happened. When I am searching about good domains in .com extension, I also found through net that new domain extensions are coming(like .blog, .web and upto 1540+more like this).I planned to buy some domains in new extensions .At the time I don’t know about their business mind .Yes big organization and  companies who were applied for new domain extensions will kept themselves good names or already they have  a plan to give the domain for particular person or company and finally release domains to public after the approval of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) who was the head and  also monitors new tld ,all other domains. 1and1 in 2013 announced the pre-registration process for new TLD  free!!!. It doesn’t guarantee the acquisition of domain but a chance to get  some good names with some luck. I have also waited for the pre-registration. After some weeks, one sunday night I found pre-registration started before some hours. At that time 22,000+ names preregistered. I planned to take some names and in monday morning the  pre-registration reached some millions!!!.So I tried to get some names and also pre-registered some domains to my friends , just given here for sample.




bpl.football(Be caution while taking bpl)








hecm.loan(Be caution while taking hecm)

hecm.loans(Be caution while taking hecm)











usda.loans,usda.loan(Be caution while taking usda)

I tried to preregister domains to all my friends but choosing good names is a hard task for me .

In 2014, I got message like this,

Because of your pre-reservation, you’re now first in line to complete your order with 1&1 of the following domain(s), within 7 days:freeringtones.software, freeantivirus.software, freeapps.software

I planned to apply for freeantivirus.software then gave all proofs to them and also given card details. They told them they will reply asap. After some week they told like this.

We forwarded your request to the responsible registration authority, but unfortunately the registration of your domain(s) was unsuccessful. This happened because, as per the allocation process, the registration authority awarded it to another interested party.

The following domain(s) could not be registered for you:


I know these are some business tricks because it’s a good name in all aspects like high searches ,high competition and high advertising bid.

What are the precautions need to be  considered while buying newtld and selling new tld?

New TLD costs high (definitely minimum $30)

Avoid trademark names like hdfc,google .Even if you take ,suppose if they goto ICANN, mostly they will to give the domain name to the trademark holder and not to you.

Be cautious while taking acronyms, abbreviations ,some surveys saying these have less value. As I said , be cautious  but telling you should not take it.

Even a single letter make the domain value high or less. For example free.creditcards willl have more value than free.creditcard

.com is said to be to stay in top for some decades. So time only says how will be the value of new tld yet you can see some new tld’s are sold out at high price. If you have the courage to pay renewals for good & new tld name then you can buy it.

My dear friends at that time I am complete newbie to this domain sale industry yet made some earnings. You may have the feeling of domain sale is tough and not a big sale deal but I can guarantee you that “It’s a save deal ” (i.e) Minimum you can get back the actual price of domain name when you find right persons. For good names definitely there is no loss and sometimes $XXX+ profits!!!.

That’s all friends now it’s your turn.