You Will Never Thought That Knowing Googlebot Crawler Could Be So Beneficial!

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What is Googlebot Crawler in SEO?

  • Googlebot Crawler in SEO is nothing but an automated software used by Google.
  • It is used in web which goes to find and collects webpages and finally stores in Google
  • Actually , Googlebot Crawler is generic (similar) name of Crawler.

How many Times Googlebot Crawler Crawls the Webpages?

Googlebot Crawler Crawls the Webpages continuously over a period of time (i.e) Always 🙂

What Makes Googlebot Crawler to Feel your Site as Highest Standard ?

Googlebot loves your site when you allow it to collect webpages in a favorable manner. So what we have to allow googlebot to access in our website is JavaScript, CSS, and image files.And the algorithms were created based on this and so your site will have direct benefit for the above paragraph. Dayby day mobile usage is increasing and so these measures so make your website mobile friendly.JavaScript is very important for mobile indexing.

Recommended Solutions to crawl your website by Googlebot Crawler?

  • Use Google Search Console . It helps to find how Googlebot Crawler is crawling your website.
  • If Googlebot Crawler already crawled URLs , remove that URLs
  • Using Image sitemap is Good Solution and another advantage is it can be found in Image Search results also.
  • Utilize the URL Inspection Tool.

If you know some other solution to crawl your websites by Googlebot Crawler, Kindly mention in the comment also.

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