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In site audit overview  under the thematic reports, we have a second preview widget https it helps to know the performance of https which was implemented in our website.It has the details of security certificate, server and website architecture. the advantage of https implementation report is if any issues found in the certificate it will be displayed here and we can solve it in advance so it will help avoid drop in organic search traffic.

If the Certificate is expired or going to expire means it will be shown as an issue here. If the name is displaying in the address bar is not matching with the domain or subdomain of SSL certificate it will be shown as an issue here.

When web server not support SNI means it will be shown as an issue here.

SNI means Server Name Indication.

SNI helps to support multiple servers and to host multiple certificates at the same ip address.

When there is problem with HSTS it will be shown as an issue in here with how many subdomains.

 Strict-Transport-Security header is called as HSTS.

HSTS tells to the browser it should connect with the web servers only through https instead of http.

Mixed Content issues will be shown here.Let we see what is a mixed content

A page was loaded with https connection.

But some of the contents in the page was fetched from http source this is called mixed content.