Hi friends in this article , we are going to see Marketing the Right Way  

What is Marketing?

In general, Marketing is one of the activity by company for promoting their products to people.

When we get deep into details , Marketing is a process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings which has need or value to people.

What are the fundamentals of marketing?

Marketing can be one of the part of company activities. And marketing should not be only one way to sell a products. Marketing is an essential part for a product . At the same time the product also have to give value to customers and marketing boost the reaching and delivering products to people.

Next we are going to see the sub topics of,

  • Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing

Digital marketingTraditional marketing
1.For marketing a product, Digital marketing uses websites and social media platforms . In short through web.1.For marketing a product, Traditional marketing
Uses television, radio, newspaper bill boards and printed media.
2.Able to reach the product to right people more2.Traditional marketing reaches product to very broad people
3.Here Communication to people is high. If it is done properly, it can be used for long term3.Here Communication to people is somewhat low
4.It is less memorable.4.It is more memorable. Why? An example below

Asia’s Got Talent is a talent show for performers in various fields. In one of the season , Vilas Nayak Paints a Portrait In 2.5 Minutes. When he is near to finish then only they identified it was a portrait of Joker. You can check the video.

And the awesome part is one of the judge bought the portrait (almost like a printed media) for  $1200/- . Actually a small bidding went at that time which is exciting. And yes , it’s a memorable one.

ok, wait. Now we are watching this video in digital medium. It means we are using internet . And so marketing also needs to include the digital marketing for the current people.

CATT Marketing Funnel:

Wealth= n^ CATT

Where ,

n = Niche

One of the example i can give here is how a ecommerce store only for fountain pens (i.e niche) build 7 figure business using shopify store.

So, choose a niche/topic which is suitable for you.

C = Content

And the ecommerce store created video and published in youtube consistently.

For your niche, content can be in the form of blog posts, video, social media platforms, webinars and more. Just be consistent.

A= Attention

And they made research on category & their product page keywords.

They looked for & also found out less competitive, at the same time  profitable keywords.

And after that they began a list of these category / product pages in their site to increase SEO.

So bring traffic for your content which brings attention. For that  try seo, social media, paid advertising and referrals.

T= Trust

The ecommerce store builds audience who fall in love with their products . And they made trust with their emails.

So to build trust in your niche, you should try marketing automation and retargeting.

T= Transaction

The ecommerce store converted lead into customers. And the ecommerce store optimised their site for conversions. And they also implemented “suggested products” in the check out. And it improved their business a lot.

So be sure you can convert leads into customers.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is performing activity on content marketing , email marketing , seo, social media and paid advertising based on the customer needs from time to time.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket .

Not only for investment.The above line also suits with Integrated Digital Marketing . Because only content marketing will not make sales neither seo nor paid advertising but when these are integrated and implemented at right time it will give the desired result .

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

What is a personal brand?

In general , personal brand is an individual with more impression in a niche/industry/community based on her (or) his work and experience.

What is personal branding?

In general, personal branding is an individual who is a personal brand will continue to improve his authority by creating more value to his (or)her niche/industry/community.

And this will make to sit and work in personal brand with strong position.

How to build the personal branding?


The more we learn Basic Concepts it will make you strong more. For example whether it’s Mango tree (or) Coconut tree , first of all it’s a tree. And that tree needs to be (or) must be rooted with that land well. So it can grow well.

Next , we have to learn new skill which will shape your personal branding much better. And of course it is very needed because any industry/ niche is evolving and dynamic.


To make steady of your personal branding, work on the new skill . When you are doing it in real time it will help you to understand why that new skill is needed.


Blog helps to build your personal branding and this part helps to show you the authority. When we write more you are bringing attention not only to people but also to search engines.


Now you had some experience with the work you have done. Next time to consult people and industry. When you are consulting you are exposing to people i am an expert/strong in this field.


Next in your niche , another individual wants to be an expert like you. Be a mentor for them.


Finally create your own product based on experience in your niche.


Marketing is not about just selling, it is one of the part in delivering a right product to right customer at right time. If you are an individual / company marketing definitely plays a vital role in promoting product . And if you build trust to the people you can reach new heights in this field.

Is it easy to earn some millions of dollars?

Yes. If marketing is done in the right way!

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