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Now we will see page crawl depth.
The page crawl depth means it is a number of clicks needed to reach a page from home page.
In general based on page hierarchy the number of clicks will be calculated.
And the depth of home page will be zero and a page linked from home page will have depth one.
It is recommended that page crawl depth not to exceed more than three clicks.
however note that crawling will not be same from previous crawling it will change from time to time.

So when crawling differs the pages crawl depth also differs but not too much.

Pages crawl depth is slightly vary from

One SEO softwares to other SEO softwares and we must understand.

that clicks should not exceed more than 3. For demo purpose I have used Google Merchandise store website as project team in semrush it has the domain Google Merchandise store dotcom. I have used shop dot Google Merchandise store dotcom as another project in semrush. ok let we see the pages crawl depth for both these projects. The first one is Google Merchandise store dotcom. I am going to click the page crawl depth with 4 + clicks in the graph. Ok here let we take the second URL. Ok let we check,with this Site Hierarchy that means the site structure. it comes with shop.googlemerchandisestore.com next is Google redesign. next is apparel.next one is the t-shirt. We go to the site structure the first directory is shop.googlemerchandisestore.com and its Subfolder is Google redesign and one of the Subfolder in Google redesign is Apparel. And it it is showing the page crawl depth as 4 clicks .Let we see the shop.googlemerchandisestore.com here let we click 3 clicks in pages crawl depth graph.Let we take the first URL. Go to the site structure. Directory is almost same as the previous project.
Google redesign apparel Still The Click difference in projects is because of the starting page.