Ok friends let me see it with me received International payment in June 2020.The sent amount is $25 for me and after fees deduction it is $23.35.

Paypal GST Tax Invoice India _ Fees Calculation _ 2020 Update 04

The GST invoice of June month was received in july3rd. Paypal will send a mail with link to download GST invoice. I am using that link to download the invoice. it will ask to Sign in with your paypal account.Login with your details.

Here click statements and choose GST.


First I am downloading the PDF. It will just give the outline details of fees collected by paypal with GST.

Next I am going to download the csv format which we can see more details of charges. These are all dollars. Let we see them in detail.

Next Let we see receiving fees for international payments in Paypal website. It is 4.4 % + fixed fee.

The fixed fee is Dollar 0.30.

Let we apply this fees for Dollar 25.

Now 18 % GST fees will be applied for the 1.4 dollar paypal fees.

Next let we see actual exchange rates for the payment received. We received payment on June11 2020. Let we take the lowest value.We checked the rates with the website exchangerates.org.uk

So we can find what is the minimum % of fees we are paying.

Next let we see Paypal exchange rate on June11 2020.

Finally ~10% is going for Paypal fees, GST and Exchange rates.