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Semantic idea optimization | onpage seo checker | semrush tutorial

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Now we’re going to see.

Semantic idea in Optimization ideas under the topic on page SEO checker .Click the dropdown and choose Semantic.

Now I am going to this landing page. Click the idea button.

First we see, what is Semantic Seo? Semantic Seo is optimising the content with keywords and related words.Let we see the detailed analytics.In this landing page I focused on the keyword Google Analytics demo account but we have also write some related words, where user need this words with this topic. semrush will give 20 related words from top 10 competitors.In the second column we can find whether we have used this related words or not.

In 3rd column we can find how many times top 10 competitors used the related words fourth and fifth column tells about usage of related words in terms of percentage.

6th 7th 8th column tells about tf-idf value of related words.

Tf-idf means term frequency inverse document frequency.It is a seo technique which helps to know importance of a word in a document.