Hi friends in this article , we are going to see Find Rich Result Opportunities For Pages Using Semrush Site Audit Structured Data.

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What is a Structured Data?

Google says,

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content;

What does it mean ?

Search engines tries to understand content of the page. It will be easier to understand content of the page when the page has structured data.

Structred data is a code created from schema.org, a community.Schema.org vocabulary (where vocabulary is all the words that exist in a particular language or subject) can be used with many different encodings, including RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD. These vocabularies cover entities, relationships between entities and actions, and can easily be extended through a well-documented extension model.

For example ,

On a recipe page (for example: cake here), what are the ingredients ,the cooking time, date published, description and preparation time.

Let we see them in detail

PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Recipe
cookTimeDurationThe time it takes to actually cook the dish, in ISO 8601 duration format.
cookingMethodTextThe method of cooking, such as Frying, Steaming, …
nutritionNutritionInformationNutrition information about the recipe or menu item.
recipeCategoryTextThe category of the recipe—for example, appetizer, entree, etc.
recipeCuisineTextThe cuisine of the recipe (for example, French or Ethiopian).
recipeIngredientTextA single ingredient used in the recipe, e.g. sugar, flour or garlic. Supersedes ingredients.
recipeInstructions CreativeWork  or ItemList  or
A step in making the recipe, in the form of a single item (document, video, etc.) or an ordered list with HowToStep and/or HowToSection items.
recipeYieldQuantitativeValue  or Text
The quantity produced by the recipe (for example, number of people served, number of servings, etc).
suitableForDietRestrictedDietIndicates a dietary restriction or guideline for which this recipe or menu item is suitable, e.g. diabetic, halal etc.

How to Find Rich Result Eligibility For Your Website Pages?


Try SEMrush Tool

About SEMRush:

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ok, after purchasing Semrush, Create Project.

Now i am showing a demo of how to create a project in semrush.


Click Add New Project


Enter domain for the project and give a name to the project. finally click create project button

Now the first option is Site Audit . Click Site Audit . Click Setup Button.

There are 6 option in settings of Site Audit but 1st option is very important.

 And it is about configuring domain and checking pages in Limited level.


Click Start site Audit.

Now in the Overview Tab of Site Audit Under Thematic Reports we can see Markup.

Click view Details.

Pages with Markup: This chart shows how many of your website pages use at least one type of microdata. Only pages with a “200 OK” HTTP status code are considered when determining the total number of pages.

Pages by Markup Type: This chart shows how many of your website pages use a specific markup type. Only pages with a “200 OK” HTTP status code are considered when determining the total number of pages.

Structured Data Items: This chart shows all of the structured data items discovered on your website. The list is sorted based on the number of pages with invalid items.

We can use Crawled Pages Tab to check whether we can have chance to use structured data in our page.

That’s all friends . Thank you.