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There are 12 options in while creating project. let we see one by one.
the first option is Sit Audit.
Let we see what is Sit Audit.

Site audit is a crawler which helps to know health of the website.

Click Setup button.

Now Site audit settings was displayed.

Site audit settings has 6 options

The first one configuring domain and checking pages in Limited level.

This setting is must needed one for the site audit.

Other settings are optional.

Crawl Scope is doing site audit in required area of Domain.

It can be a Domain or subdomain or subfolder.

We can also tick option if we need to crawl all the subdomains.

Limit of checked pages helps to set how many pages need to be crawled for Domain or subdomain or subfolder..

How much pages can be fit for government shabdon me.

The limit level starts from 100 to 100,000 and we can custom this limit if we want to mention other than whole number.

The crawl source can be a website,Sitemaps on site,Sitemap URL (we have to enter sitemap URL in the field),

URL’s from file,here We can upload in txt,csv format.

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