Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Earning Proof | My Experience

Hi friends in this article  I am sharing my earning proof in shareasale affiliate marketing.

I actually signed up in this program before 5 years.


Shareasale activated my account in a week after reviewing my application.


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I started to use this program before two years. After logging into shareasale account I found merchants in lot of categories.

Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Earning Proof 30

I selected some merchants based on my blog topic and joined the program. Some merchants accepted me in their program and some of them rejected. After that I started to write their product features in my blog. That means who accepted me in the program. That time is also a period of Black Friday Cyber Monday and New Year deals. So the merchants gave huge discounts to their products. I have also wrote that details as blog post. After some months of work I got 285 dollars in this affiliate marketing.

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Some of my commission screenshot.

Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Earning Proof 12

And the commission amount was confirmed after the 30 days. And the $285 was transferred to my back account after 4 days.For me it took a range of 30-45 days to receive the amount because first some products have refund policy for 14-30days.If the purchased customer ask for refund then my commission amount will also be not eligible .Fortunately for me all no refunds happened.Here is my screenshot of received money from shareasale to my bank account.

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Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Earning Proof 16

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That’s all friends. Thank you.

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