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Top 10 benchmarking | onpage seo checker | semrush tutorial

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Now we are going to see top 10 benchmarking under the topic on page SEO checker in semrush.

Top 10 benchmarking semrush will give SERP Analysis for targeted keywords by comparing our web page with top ranking competitor page with various factors. The various factors are content length,referring domains,video usage keyword usage,ordered list,markups and readability. we have a feature in top 10 benchmarking which will find and recommends to implement the Featured Snippet.

For this we have to tick the checkbox, show the keywords that trigger Featured Snippet first. we can see full analysis of a particular keyword by clicking the button view full analysis.

Now it will display top 10 organic results (i.e) search engine results page for that keyword.Under each search engine results page, their

webpage factors will also be shown. The various factors are content length, referring domains, video usage, keyword usage and other factors.