What is the version 1.0 of kaviyarasu?

  • The version 1.0 of kaviyarasu is searching and trying to understand more basics in terms of both online and offline.
  • It’s not must one but in general , without basic is like constructing a huge building without a proper basement. So he decided to learn basics in broad fields.
  • He got some followers and subscribers but once again they are from various fields (i.e) broader .
  • Kaviyarasu also Converted Blogger to Website who is ~1st In The World Exposing This Trick to People & also made many video tutorials about it but he didn’t get recognition even for 10,000 views. One of his video is https://youtu.be/-mRTx9tsZ58 . Those who are looking for temporary website and don’t want to spend money on webhosting this trick is enough. Google already told the output but they didn’t exposed the tutorial (i.e) how to do it?.https://blogger.googleblog.com/2011/07/you-can-do-some-amazing-things-with.html
  • And technology is evolved fast and he have to prepare both past , future in the present time. So the result happened for him is minimum living in the moment (i.e present life) .
  •  Since broad categories makes him more diversion , less consistency. Less consistency made less results to him in any work.
  • While coming to consider positive side of version 1.0 he understand about himself, relation, money, about the world, about people, about future(not 100% but atleast some percentage ) .
  • His understanding about future: In general , we will say future is unpredictable . At the same time  another point he realized is what are the things we done in past is going to reflect  in future. It’s not limited to birth and death but also to work, technology and anything.

What is the version 2.0 of kaviyarasu?

  • Now he is one of top blogger and affiliate marketer in 2022. The 2.0 version of him is , he narrowed topics in blogging and affiliate marketing and worked more on that topics. And now he is earning Rs.1 Crore per year.
  • And how it happened? Kaviyarasu said that he joined Digital Deepak Internship Program and it’s a turning point in his blogging field.
  • Digital Deepak Internship Program also includes seo and other things. And it helped kaviyarasu to reach his youtube channel also. Yes now the video convert blogger to website has 1 million views. Not only stopped with that video but his channel also got 1 lakh subscribers. Surprisingly his channel is in Top10 for more watching hours (i.e)more engagement. Kaviyarasu said it’s not that much surprising him because it already happened . Recalling his past days and told, For monetization his youtube channel reached 25% of subscribers but it has 50+% watching hours which is slightly contrary a youtube channel.
  • He still reading basics and works on broader category from time to time instead of spending more time.
  • Now he Connected with community related to his field.
  • Now he is living in the moment more time while doing blogging. Yes ofcourse , he missed some of the other things in blogging but he accepted that missing’s as a experience.

That’s the version 2.0 of of kaviyarasu.

Thank you friends for reading!